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MedalistRx™ - Our Story

MedalistRx™ - Our Story

Our Story

Your medications are personal, your Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) should be too.

At MedalistRx™, we believe in passionate service, thought-leading technology, and unwavering integrity. These founding principles have been our driving force since the beginning and have changed the PBM industry for the better.

In 2012, MedalistRx founders, Mark, Paul, and Chris, never imagined that they would build a PBM, but the problems in the industry became too overwhelming to ignore. Third-Party-Administrators were exhausted from the giant PBMs constantly changing names and service models. The bigger and bigger these corporations became, the less and less service they actually provided. The three founders decided to create a PBM that actually did things right from the start; this meant they would have to radically change the service model. A clean dry-erase board was soon filled with the dreams of a modern and people-centered solutions company. By capitalizing on their 17-year history of Employee Benefits, Pharmacy Management, and Healthcare Industry experience, the founders' dream became a reality and MedalistRx was born.

Our Approach

MedalistRx™ has pursued personal service, cost-saving techniques, and technical advances to create a PBM that puts the member’s needs at the center of everything we do. The results are fantastic!

  • The call center makes four times more outbound calls than it receives inbound.
  • Monitoring pharmacies in real time allows the team to stop a mistake before it happens.
  • Collecting data on patients with high cost claim needs allows us to apply for and receive copay assistance for a staggering 96% of the patients served.
  • Reporting accurate, real-time out-of-pocket information makes MedalistRx the most proactive PBM in the industry.
  • Our API integrations are helping to shape the pharmacogenetics success stories for patients and payers.
  • We are expertly communicating and migrating employees over to high quality generic products the moment at which they become available with an 86% success rate. 

At MedalistRx™, we believe in an innovative model that is proactive, not reactive. Our approach to service anticipates our members‘ needs and finds solutions, without ever being noticed. MedalistRx’s intuitive technical processes and expertly trained staff produce a combination that offers high touch member care and oversight. We call this type of service “Every Claim Every Day.” We want human eyes and safeguards on every prescription to ensure that the right drug is chosen, a fair price is charged, and the experience is the best in healthcare.

Our approach to these solutions is the reason we are known as the premier service and cost containment prescription provider in the industry. We truly care about employees, the companies they work for, and families that make their lives meaningful. In other words, we are a different kind of PBM – a personal one.

I have never worked with a Pharmacy Benefit Manager that is more helpful. Finally I feel like I have an advocate in the drug benefit arena. It gives me a feeling of confidence that we are doing the best possible for our clients by recommending MedalistRX.
— Sandra, Account Executive, Tulsa OK

Get in Touch

Our Member Services Helpline is available 24 hours a day, every day, to serve you.



Leadership Team


CO-FOUNDER & HEALTH entrepreneur

Mark Lewandowski, Ph.D. CM&AA

Mark Lewandowski, Ph.D., CM&AA, is a founding member of the executive board of MedalistRx.  After finishing his Ph.D. in Creativity and Innovation, Mark applied that knowledge to systems and workflow processes in healthcare. Mark served as President of Provider Medical Pharmaceutical, Senior Vice President of National Medical Health Card, Inc., and Managing Partner of PBAWest. 

Mark is actively trying to change the healthcare landscape through innovations in true palliative care, customer facing care solutions, and cost-effective approaches to healthcare benefit offerings. Mark has post-doctoral academic training at Loyola of Chicago and Stanford University and serves on the board of non-profit organizations in his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Mark and his wife, Sara, spend their time traveling, enjoying friends and family, and a good glass of wine.




Paul Hagen

Paul Hagen is a founding member of the executive board of MedalistRx. His healthcare experience began 23 years ago when he served as Director of Information Technology at Interchange PMP, a pharmacy benefits manager servicing employer sponsored health plans.  From there, he served on the development team at NMHCRx, a New York-based publicly traded PBM. Paul is best known for his innovative work in developing the nation’s first compound MAC list while he was managing partner and President of PDCRx, a PBM serving hospices, nursing homes, and weight loss centers in 43 states.

Paul is a Green Bay Packer shareholder and fan who loves cheese, beer, and a good game. He and his wife, Jani, are avid golfers and the current “Couple’s Club Champion” at their home golf course. Paul continues to serve as President of PDCRx and spends time working in a host of philanthropic and politically active endeavors.



President of MedalistRx

Chris Deininger

Chris Deininger, M.S., is the President of MedalistRx. His healthcare experience began 19 years ago when he provided patient care in Preventative Cardiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics. From there, he worked for pharmaceutical manufacturers for 12 years. During this time, he was responsible for the sales and marketing of specialty and brand prescription products to providers and health care systems. During his tenure there, he was exposed to product extension and pricing strategies employed by publicly held pharmaceutical companies. This experience has been instrumental in the development of the “Every Claim Every Day” approach to cost containment utilized by MedalistRx.   

Chris is a native of Wisconsin, holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse and a Master of Science from the University of Texas at Tyler. He is a proud parent of his daughter, Grace, and spends his spare time watching her play tennis. He enjoys golfing and following all of the Wisconsin collegiate and pro athletic teams.